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 SHD-00 Enforcer Class Vital Suit

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Shadow Corporation

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PostSubject: SHD-00 Enforcer Class Vital Suit   Sun 18 Jul - 19:43

OOC: Pending Major Overhaul.

SHD-00 Enforcer Class Vital Suit

Overview: "This is considered equivalent to the class of a light armor vehicle, effecitive in providing fire support against both infantry and armor. Highly useful in urban combat, an Enforcer coupled with some Ghost fire support can easily supress enemy soft targets with its armor and firepower. Its main drawbacks are it's considerably high cost and vulnerability to multiple AT enemies. (Usually infantries with Guided AT weapons)"

Role - Armor Support, Infantry Suppression, and Cover Operation Support
Height - 4.5 (Meters) - 6.3m (Meters)
Weight - 2.5 (Tons)
Top Speed - 120 (Kilometers/Hour)
Armor - Harden Composite Armor Plating
Armamanets - GAU-19 “Smartgun”, Hammer 152mm Anti-Tank Guided Missile
Pilot - 1 Person

Background: "The technology revolution of military hardware, led by The Shadow Corporation, has create a new era, culture and definition for war. With the great advange in weapons, the Shadow Corporation eventually started the "Reclamation War", which was pratically the World War between the Shadow Corporation and the Hora-Quan, Species to Species. The goal was to suppress and finally defeat the Hora-Quan before gaining complete and utter control of the remaining Hive Clusters and resource of these long forgotten lands."

"The resulting war did not turned out as predicted by most, as no nuclear explosion nor end of world did happen. The Shadow Corporation's small yet vastly superior fighting force utterly demolished the Hora-Quan before advancing to take nearly twice as much territory that had been held before the Hora-Quan invasion. And now to this day the Shadow Corporation sits easy upon it's vast stores of mineral and technological wealth. All thanks to the Vital Suit."

SHD-00 Enforcer Class Vital Suit Specs

"Also called "Hermit" for its appearance. This is one of the products of the technology revolution that completely redesigned military components from foot soldiers to armored vehilces and air units. Its earlier design, the Enforcer Class Vital Suit had its basics technology and skeleton structure came from the TOS power suit, and is now developed to the 3rd generation product."

"With the stats and reports from real combat, researchers were able to make improvements and modifications on various parts to make the war machine more efficient and lower the cost (to/and fit in the production line better). In comparism to the Mark I model, there are various alterations made:"

Head: "Completely enclosed and armored the head allows the pilot to see and communicate with it's enviroment. It also carries with it the standard Vehicle Control Rig or VCR for short. Allowing the user to intuitively control vehicles or more often their Enforcer Partners on a neuromuscular level through the use of neuro-enhancers and muscular signal transference interfaces. Rigging a vehicle ain't like decking the matrix. VCRs access lower brain functions, tying in your reflexes and motor functions to the control systems of the vehicle.

"The Enforcer is also fitted with a Human Assistance Relay Life Input Engine, or Harlie. This system quickly locates enemy and allied targets and acts according so by giving detailed information on that target's actions. Heat sources are separated from "cold-spots" and color-coded depending on the actions of that source, weather that be electromagnetic radiation or firing at allied units."

"It also hampers enemy electronic detection systems. And also comes equipped with a backup manual control system should fatal malfunction occurs. The face plate has a multiple number of sensors, visual, audio and other supports that can be used in conjunction and oxygen filter/storage system."

Body: "The Enforcer monitors and protects the user's body from most environmental and plain hostile hazards. The suit has multiple exoskeletons to assist in balance, movement, weight distribution and grants limited protection against physical impact. Various drugs and medication such as morphine are stored and distributed within the suit that can be automatically or manually deployed for use when needed."

"The Enforcer is also a mechanical counterpressure suit preventing human tissue from expanding in the open void of space, as well as supply the user with enough oxygen and hydrogen to survive for 48-hours in open space or underwater, as long as the suit hasn't been tampered with or damaged. The overall design of the suit is based on 20th century american space suits, and is built out of a 56% tungsten-34% iron mixture, with the last 10% being produced out of small nanobot-tubes in order to self-repair mild rips and tears. These small tubes are filled with millions of nanobots that provide a flexible, yet sturdy airtight padding for in between the armor plates. These tubes are easily manipulated so that the user can combat enemy targets safely, without risking vacuum suction and low oxygen levels."

"Another important feature of the suit is its environmental stealth ability that allows the user to be totally undetectable to naked eyes and various sensors to a certain extent. It does not make itself become transparent to light, instead it records environmental light and factors before intelligently modifying its colors and camouflage to be match one’s surrounding. And at the same time gives out a number of various fake signals to hamper detection methods. The suit itself is made by a number of hybrid materials that will not easily emit sound on most surfaces, and actually protects against most weapons or heavy physical impacts quite well."

Arms: "The Enforcer's Arms are divided into 3 parts: Upper Arm, Midarm, and Forearm. And the pilots arms only ever reach into the Midarm Section. To help prevent horrible physical and mental injury to the pilot and control systems. Control of the forearms and weapons systems is done via controls set around and on the pilots hands and wrists. And makes use of 4-Dight, Double-Thumb manipulator hands."

Legs: "Probably the most significant feature in this model. The new leg design composes of 4 parts that can freely expand or retract into each other, granting much greater mobility and versatility, especially in rough terrain or urban combat. The Enforcer can now easily alter its standing height with its multi-joints legs, making it much easier to spot targets in buildings, hide behind urban obstacles, or to lay down supressive fire on enemies from above."

"This model also adapts the use of organic fiber muscles, which are man made muscles for arms, legs and waist part. This provides increased flexibility and achieves cost reduction with mass production. These parts are however much more vulnerable compared to metal."

"The pilots actual feet only extend down to the calves as to avoid debilitating injury in the case of structural collapse. And in the event of heavy damage to the mechanical feet. And may be detached in order for the pilot to continue even if at a slower pace upon the suits reinforced calves."

Armaments (Standard Issue)

- Heat Sword: "The Heat Blade is designed to be used for quick close combat, capable of slicing and dicing through flesh, bone, and metal. Comparable to a oversized flaming chainsaw; however, there are several metals know to be able to disperse the blade."

- GAU-19 “Smartgun” (Mounted on Left Shoulder): "The GAU-19 ”Smart” is The Shadow Corporation’s primary heavy vehicle automatic weapon in service. Lightweight, rugged, and reliable, the “Smart” is carried into battle on a self-aiming stabilized gyromount - so negating the need to position or set up the weapon for full automatic fire - the only heavy machinegun in the world able to be operated effectively by a single soldier or in this case Enforcer. The “Smart” is linked to an infrared target tracking system for accurate aiming. Flexible and powerful, the “Smart” is deployed in a wide variety of combat theatres and environments. The Gun Assembly of the weapon is made out of advanced alloys made in zero-gee to drastically reduce the weapon weight. Unlike most weapons in it's class, it fires the binary .50 BMG round at 450-575 rounds per minute. This made the designers install a highly advanced Electronic Recoil Adjuster into the frame of the weapon which uses the gyromount arm to lower the barrel in minute increments as it fires. It has a muzzle booster to ensure the necessary operating forces from the large round. The targeting computer acts as a Smartlink II combined with a rangefinder."

- Hammer 152mm Anti-Tank Guided Missile (Mounted on Right Shoulder): "The Hammer ATGM is a mobile, if not effective anti-armor missile. Designed for heavier vehicles, the Hammer features a tandem warhead, dual seeking missile with top attack capability. It is fired from an over the shoulder Enforcer launcher that mounts the launcher assembly, and the sensor system. The launcher assembly has a rear port for inserting the missiles in the rear. Each missile is sealed inside a combined transport/launcher tube. This allows rapid field reloading in the field. The missile itself has a smokeless launcher, and can be fired from indoor spaces, only needing a 1m area to fire. The missile can home both on laser and radar designators. The missile itself has a range of only 7 kilometers, and has thrust vectoring for high engagement potential. It is also a fire and forget missile, which is only available in the radar designation mode. Mounted in the nose cone is a millimeter-wave radar, and when launched, the radar provides terminal homing for the missile. It also provides homing for the laser guided mode as well. The pilot simply has to cue the missile to the target, launch the missile, and then reload and aim at another target. And the sensor system mounts both, with a thermographic sight with a non-glare coating to prevent the sunlight from causing glare, allowing the firer to be remain undetected. The targeting computer also acts as a Smartlink II combined with a rangefinder. The Enforcer comes equipped with 20 standard 152mm rounds and 8 Hammer ATGMs."

Support Systems (Standard Issue)

- Smoke Deployer: "The Smoke Deployer creates a powerful and extremely useful EMP smoke around itself to provide cover. The cloud consists of a dense, grayed colored smoke screen and nano particles that are capable of jamming and interfering with electronics, making it very difficult to target subjects within the smoke."

- Utility Launchers: "Capable of firing Grenades, Flares, Smokescreens, and any such compatible 40mm grenade round."

- Increase in Armor: "One of the reason is to increase cost against easy of mass production. The armor itself has been changed from lighter and lower cost hardened carbon fiber plating to a highly intense composite armor to allow allow for a high crew survivability. This makes the walker much more durable but slightly less mobile and fuel efficient. The overall shape however, still maintain the "Turtle/Hermit shell" structure to help soften impacts."

- Self Repair System: "The Self Repair System stores liquified material, nano-machines and Eco reserves for the armor and artificial muscles. Allowing the Enforcer to automatically apply said mixture and repair itself when needed. The Enforcer however will be immobilized during repair and can be especially vulnerable if ambushed."

- Vehicle Control Rig (VCR): "It also carries with it the standard Vehicle Control Rig or VCR for short. Allowing the user to intuitively control the Enforcer on a neuromuscular level through the use of neuro-enhancers and muscular signal transference interfaces. Rigging a vehicle ain't like decking the matrix. VCRs access lower brain functions, tying in your reflexes and motor functions to the control systems of the vehicle. Or as quoted by many ghosts; Most people don't understand pilots or well us riggers in general. Never will, I'm thinking, because you've just have to feel the adrenalin rush when you rev the old turbines, the air howling over your hull. Ain't nothin like it."

- Backup Systems: [i]"The Enforcer comes equipped and prepared, containing backups for nearly everything. Actuators, generators, radars, even three times as much memory and computer hardware. Multiple heated coolant lines and energy pathways. Along with stores of enough Eco to power it all for nearly 144 hours without the user's own input. Life-support is existent and as stated before carries nearly enough energy for 144 hours of continuous use without a user's input. And is of course sealed and pressurized as well. And overall helps to reinforce the fact that the suit is truly built for heavy combat."
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PostSubject: Re: SHD-00 Enforcer Class Vital Suit   Sun 18 Jul - 20:09

Mechaaa.... PUNCH!
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SHD-00 Enforcer Class Vital Suit

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