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 The Vanderbaum Doctrine

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PostSubject: The Vanderbaum Doctrine    Tue 27 Jul - 19:19

The Vanderbaum Doctrine , Forging a new Hardenburghian Foreign Policy

On may the 21st 2010 , a new Hardenburghian government came into power painfully aware of the evils and mistakes of the previous Hardenburghian government. Progressively , the Hardenburghian foreign policy and state apparatus instigated by the Conservative Party administration had driven the country away from upholding the principles of democracy and freedom that the Nation purported to love , and supporting cold brutal totalitarianism. Furthermore, the Hardenburghian government engaged in the hostilities of the mayday war , committing atrocities that have , by and large crippled the nations reputation as a good , upstanding democracy.

The Vanderbaum Doctrine is perhaps the most significant foreign political instrument that will be emplaced by the Hardenburghian government. This doctrine will not only provide an apology to those affected by Hardenburghian brutality over the past years , but reshape the Hardenburghian state , placing it well and truly on the right path , and the good path , moving it away from the evil and totalitarianism the previous government seemed actively to support , restoring the nations reputation as one of the great nations that it once prided itself on being

The Contents of this document can be divided into three spheres , an apology to those harmed by Hardenburghian aggression , the definition of the Vanderbaum doctrine concluding with an explanation regarding how this new foreign political incentive will affect the physical application of Hardenburghian Foreign Policy. It is the intention of the Hardenburghian government to inform all those out there who have in the past been affected and abused by Hardenburghian aggression to tell them , that , alongside the Hardenburghian state on the verge of a new era , free of Hardenburghian aggression , where the Grand Duchy will actively uphold virtues of Peace and Prosperity.

Part I: An Apology

Accountibility is an essential part of any foreign policy. It is the intention of the Hardenburghian government to recognize its accountability for the destruction and devastation it caused during the fighting of the mayday war and apologise to those it harmed during the course of the Mayday war. Perhaps , the most sincere apology should be issued to Itailian Maifias. The Grand Imperial Dukedom of Hardenburgh was responsible for the wholesale destruction of the Itailian state in a nuclear strike it launched at Itailian territory , killing millions of innocent citizens and civilians. An act , whatever the ideology or the alignment of the state it was committed on , completely disgusting and essentially illegal . Futhermore , the Hardenburghian government would like to admit its responsibility for assisting in the hindrance of relief efforts and issue its true and sincere apology for those affected , and harmed by these vile , and condemnable actions

To Greater Dienstad , the Hardenburghian government would also like to issue it’s apology. The Hardenburghian air force exploded , off Bendiran seapsace , a high power Nuclear weapon. This was responsible for the deaths of , ultimately thousands of Bendiran and Laimonian nationals. Acts atrocious , and unjustifiable , again committed by the Hardenburghian government. The Hardenburghian government also apologizes for not accepting full responsibility for these attacks , and , if required will pay reparations to the victims of these attacks in recognition that the actions of the Hardenburghian government , and the Hardenburghian military were wrong and unjustifiable. Furthermore , the Hardenburghian government would like to apologize to the people and the government of the United States of PA for the destruction and damage caused during this attack.

The Hardenburghian government would also like to apologize to the people of the Rodarian colony of Aventus. The tactics employed by the Hardenburghian military which included non-precision bombing . bombardment of the Aventian infrastructure , and the wholesale destruction of Aventian cities , in the name of destroying the so called “communist threat” in fact contributed to a collapse of the Aventian state and governmental systems which led to a revolution which was responsible for the deaths of 13,400 people. The Hardenburghian government feels that it is tantamount that it’s role is recognized in this. Furthermore , the Hardenburghian government sees it fit to apologise to those harmed by the limited Hardenburghian involvement in the invasion of Richport , a war which caused widespread devastation across a previously well run state.

The Hardenburghian government cannot ignore areas of it’s own policy however. The Hardenburghian government would like to also announce it’s apology to the people in the Velequian islands , for it’s role in causing the crisis in the area. The Hardenburghian government, in recognition of this will begin the process of reviewing it’s current situation in the Velequian islands and looking for all possible routes that will , eventually lead to the complete autonomy of the Velequian people. Finally , the Hardenburghian government announces it’s profound apology for it’s role in the unrest and trouble always prevalent in West Troptopia. The Hardenburghian government would like to , in turn , announce it’s commitment to the two state solution proposed by Romagna Miei , and will begin to rapidly review the options for creating an Autonomous West Troptopian Federation within the Grand Imperial Dukedom.

Part II: A new foreign policy for a new era

Hardenburghian Foreign Policy is in need of a major overhaul , to reshape it as a relivant force in the 21st Century. The Hardenburghian government has now , brought forward a set of new incentives which will allow the Hardenburghian state , and Hardenburghian government to obtain a role , that will , not only make the Hardenburghian State a relivant force in the 21st Century , but a responsible force , and a peaceful force. The age of Hardenburghian aggression , and Hardenburghian expansionism can now , to all intensive purposes be considered at an end. The New Hardenburghian Foreign Policy can be looked upon in six different areas , all of which are just as important , and significant

A New ideology

“The Hardenburghian government will no longer peruse an aggressive or offensive foreign policy. It will be the mission of the Hardenburghian government to obtain the ideals of global security and stability , intervening if it’s interests are threatened *1. The Hardenburghian will act to defend it’s trade and territorial interests across the world from a neutral standing.”

Complete Neutrality

The Hardenburghian government will maintain a few alliances , with nations that can be considered historic and great allies. Although the Hardenburghian government will still remain closely aligned to the Raludcian , Rodarian , Tarsasan , Dinosian , Gyfladian , Bladian , Gyfladian , Trescottian , Ahalastran , Brittanian , Shadowian , Churchillian , Fancifianian , Konezignburghian , Lockswanian , Armenican and Anglian governments, it will be the policy of the Hardenburghian government to enter no more alliances which hold charters of mutual defense as core framework. To this extent , the Hardenburghian government can be considered , no longer a part of the Capitalist Coalition. The Hardenburghian government will over the next four weeks withdraw all forces operating under the banner of the Capitalist Coalition in line with it’s new policy of Neutrality. Neutrality will also be observed diplomatically , and , unless a state that lies within the fundamental interests of the Hardenburghian government is attacked , Hardenburgh will remain completely neutral and uninvolved in all foreign political issues. If two states allied with Hardenburgh go to war , the Hardenburgian government will make attempt to mediate the situation , before considering any kind of further involvement

Free Trade

The Hardenburghian government will , however , reserve the right to actively step in and defend Free Trade if it’s essential routes are ever threatened. It is the profound belief of the Hardenburghian government , that free trade leads to greater understanding and communication on an international basis , and the restriction or prevention of free trade is a cardinal sin. If the trade routes of the Grand Imperial Dukedom are ever attacked by an aggressor state , there will be an armed retaliation on the behalf of the Grand Imperial Dukedom of Hardenburgh. The aforementioned also applies to the trade routes of aligned states.

Strengthening of the Hardenburghian Armed Forces

The aforementioned will be obtained and protected by the strengthening and enlargement of the Hardenburghian armed forces to obtain and protect these goals and ideals. The Hardenburghian government however , will change the policy and doctrine under which the Hardenburghian armed forces operate on.

Force as a Last Resort:The Hardenburghian government will commit itself to only using armed force when all other possible routes of resolving diplomatic crisis points are exhausted , and the opponent is actively engaging in acts of unprovoked aggression against Hardenburgh or one of it’s allies. The Hardenburghian military will no longer be led into wars of aggression

Defence , not Offence:The Hardenburghian armed forces will adopt a strict defensive doctrine. No longer will the Hardenburghian armed forces engage in unprovoked acts of aggression , the basis of the mayday war. Only when there is an attack against the Hardenburghian state and empire or it’s allies will there be an armed retaliation by the Hardenburghian forces

Ending Hardenburgh’s Nuclear Dependancy: The Hardenburghian government announces it’s intention to fully review it’s policy and doctrine regarding Nuclear weapons. This will culminate in significant cuts to the Hardenburghian Nuclear deterrent. Furthermore , alongside the defensive policy that the conventional forces operate under , the Hardenburghian Nuclear forces will now , as of today the 27th of July 2010 , the Hardenburghian Nuclear forces will observe a strict no first use doctrine. This is intended to strengthen the strategic standing of the Hardenburghian state , as well as recognizing the terror and destruction the state has , on previous occasions caused to belligerents through the absence of an observed no first use doctrine

Enlargement of the Hardenburghian Conventional Forces: The Hardenburghian conventional forces will be enlarged to match the challenges faced in the world by the Hardenburghian government today. This will include at least 120% increases in all areas of the Hardenburghian conventional forces. However , as aforementioned , these armed forces will operate on a completely defensive doctrine , unless Hardenburghian interests are at severe risk , the Hardenburghian forces will not be deployed onto the field of combat.*2

Policy towards the Hardenburghian Colonial Empire:

To Hardenburghian territories like the Outer Lying Pacific territories that are , to all intensive purposes secure and stable , and not demanding fast political reform or far reaching concession, Hardenburghian policy will remain unchanged ,and if anything aim itself at further devolution from direct Hardenburghian rule. However , there are two territories within the Hardenburghian empire that will witness political reform

The Velequian Islands: By September , the Hardenburghian government will have passed and published the Velequian Sovereignty bill. At this point the Hardenburghian government will relinquish control over all tribal lands in Veleque. However , for representative purposes , the Velequian people will remain Hardenburghian citizens to protect their identity , political validity and cultural integrity*3. Further Publication on this issue shall follow.

West Troptopia, the Creation of a Federation: The West Troptopian Peninsula will be recognized as a state within a state , and be created into the West Troptopian Federation. This newly created entity will be given all required executive powers to execute efficient , proficient self governance. All Hardenburghian administrative powers currently held over West Troptopia will be withdraw*4. Further publication on this issue will follow.

Policy Towards Belligerents and Hostile states

The Hardenburghian government aims to achieve a detent will all hostile states. It will be the policy of the Hardenburghian government to improve relations as much as possible , however,if this ideal cannot be obtained , a détente will . The Hardenburghian forces , unless attacked by forces of belligerent states will not participate in any acts of aggression against these states. The Hardenburghian government will peruse peace treaties with All nations that the Grand Imperial Dukedom of Hardenburgh currently resides in a state of war with , active inert.

Part III :The Vandernaum Doctrine applied as foreign policy

The application of the Vanderbaum is easy to understand. An obvious example of how the Vanderbaum doctrine would be applied is reviewing the Hardenburghian conduct in the Mayday war. Underneath the Vanderbaum Doctrine , the actions that were committed during the Mayday war would be considered a pre-emptive war of unprovoked aggression, and to this extent , the Hardenburghian armed forces would not have entered the war. However , the Hardenburghian government would have acted as it did during the Velequian and Troptopian crisises when , not only was Hardenburghian security threatened , but the Hardenburghian state, and it’s citizens were threatened by foreign aggression.

In diplomatic standoffs , the types witnessed with memberstates of the Alliance of Grand Powers , the Hardenburghian government will now try and provide a stable platform from which mutually beneficial negotiations can take place. The Hardenburghian government will no longer lay claims on territory not already under it’s control or , forcibly taken out of Hardenburgh’s controlled. All claims that the Hardenburghian government has , of late laid on territories can be considered withdrawn by the affected nations. Hardenburghian military forces will adopt a strict defensive doctrine , however , this could be quickly withdrawn if states allied to Hardenburgh are threatened by external aggressors.

In the event of a war between two of Hardenburgh’s aligned states , the Hardenburghian government will at first try and mediate the situation with diplomatic negotiations. If this fails however , the Hardenburghian government will be inclined to reconsider it’s position *5 Iwithin the hostilities.

*1) The Hardenburghian government reserves rights to intervene if the interests of allied states are threatened by external powers.
*2) This does not apply to foreign forces operating under Hardenburghian command
*3) The Velequian islands will be treated as a Hardenburghian territory. All constitutional requirements will apply across the Velequian s
*4) The crown , as with all Hardenburghian legislative assemblies will not relinquish it’s right to disband the aforementioned legislative assembly
*5) This could , in the right circumstance , where severe abuses are committed include a limited entrance into the hostilities
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You and your documents... haha.
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Trescott wrote:
You and your documents... haha.

There are a hell of a load more coming - just you wait !
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It's about time....I'm just happy I was mentioned
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PostSubject: Re: The Vanderbaum Doctrine    

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The Vanderbaum Doctrine

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