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 CWNN: World Armaments Corporation unveils new weapon

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PostSubject: CWNN: World Armaments Corporation unveils new weapon   Tue 10 Aug - 15:38

*Flashing lights come on*
"Coalition World News Network: Where we bring the important news you need, right to you"
*Flashes to anchorman*
"Hello, I'm Anchorman Bill of Almaniania. We are getting reports of World Armaments Corporation, a company based in Almaniania and supplying nations around the world, is releasing a press statement. We go live to Kenny (who somehow is alive from the First Dartak War) with the report. Kenny?"
"I'm here Bill. In a stunning new development, World Armaments Corporation's CEO Wilson Hunter, announced that new weapon of war has been completed. We are now listening in."

"Fellow nations of the world, we, of World Armaments Corporation, have created a new weapon of war. This weapon has gone through rigorous testing in regards to accuracy, speed, digging ability, firepower, armor, resistance, and many more. We present to you...
*Info comes up on a giant plasma screen*

Name: Leviathan
Crew: 6
Length: 51.5m
Width: 26.3m
Height: 12.6m
Main Weapon: 8x Missle Launcher (conventional)
Secondary Weapons: 3x 7.74mm machine guns
Hull: Classified (it is pretty thick though...)
Top Speed: 30 kph
Range: No official range, as the Leviathan does have the ability to dig once every 48 hours. Without digging, 5,000 km
Info: Pieces of hull and guns were found in a crash site (no other info). After much analysis, the Almanianian Science Institution started to create the Leviathan. The Leviathan has passed every test given and stands ready to be introduced to the Armed Forces. Some have questioned the tactics and validity of the use of the Leviathan however...
Price: $10 billion USD (it seems like much, but it is REALLY powerful)

Wilson Hunter looked at the crowd again. "While the price seems steep, we can promise it is worth every penny. This machine will hopefully bring about a revolution of new technology.
Now since it is fairly new, we will only allow nations to purchase ONE Leviathan. When we can mass produce it, we will release it completely on the market. That is all." He stepped down from the podium amid reporters asking numerous questions.

"Well there you have it Bill. A new weapon of war and a new path for the Corporation. We'll see how it turns out. Reporter Kenny, signing off."
"Thank you Kenny. And now, we have a look at the weather."
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CWNN: World Armaments Corporation unveils new weapon

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