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 Rabelliad-Gyfladain Pact

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PostSubject: Rabelliad-Gyfladain Pact   Wed 11 Aug - 12:38

Rabelliad-Gyfladain Pact

Be it on this day the [eleventh day of August of the year of two thousand and ten] the two countries of The Republic of Rabelliad and The Grand Duchy of Gyflada sign this pact. This pact is a pact of diplomatic relations, defence, border control and finance.

Section I – Diplomatic Relations
Clause I. Embassies
Clause I.I - Rabellian Embassies
The foreign affairs department of the Rabellian Government is to create an Embassy situated in Gyflada. It is to contain the right diplomatic staff and a suitable Ambassador to maintain excellent relations between the two countries.
Clause I.II – Gyfladain Embassies
In accordance with Sct I Cl I.I Gyflada is also to create and situate a Embassy in the Rabellian capital of Клэптовик (Kleptovik), with the correct amount of diplomatic staff and the correct Ambassador.
Clause II – Criminal Offences
All Ambassadors are to follow the laws and regulations of both countries and are to be punished or questioned as both countries laws state. Where laws conflict, the strictest of the two will apply.

Section II – Defence
Clause I – Helping Defend Rabelliad

In Gyflada’s commitment to helping smaller nations and helping their regional member states, they see it as important to make sure that Rabelliad gets the help and support that it needs to defend itself. Gyflada therefore will be implementing the following;
1. If a nation for any reason declares war on Rabelliad, Gyflada will aid Rabelliad in the war.
2. Should Rabelliad declare war, Gyflada will only aid Rabelliad at the express wish of the Rabellian Government. However Gyfladain Forces will only be mobilized and sent to Rabelliad to protect the civilian population of the country.
3. Gyflada will create the ‘Gyfladain Guard’ consisting of 1000 men in the ten following cities of Rabelliad: Глазностия (Glasnostia), Бладиа (Bladya), Пэрэстрня (Perestria), Женба (Zhenba), Реприт (Reprit), И-Краткое (I-Kratkoye), Литэловик (Litelovik), Чависта (Chavista), Щофэнайиа (Shchofenaya) and Травилашния (Travylashnia). The Capital, Клэптовик (Kleptovik), is to be allocated 2000 men, bringing the total to 12,000 men.
4. In the event that the Rabellian Colony of Deershank is at war or is attacked and the Government of Rabelliad requests the aid of Gyflada, Gyflada will send the requested aid.
Clause II - Borders
Clause II.I – Moving Citizens

All persons wishing to live in Gyflada are required to apply for a Visa and Citizenship, including a term of one year on ‘probation’. In the light that Rabelliad is a close friend to Gyflada; all Rapellian citizens who meet the following criteria will be allowed to live in Gyflada without applying for the aforementioned (except for Citizenship should they wish for full citizen rights);
1. No Criminal Convictions
2. Is financially able
3. Should they wish to bring children or a spouse, the latter are to hold no criminal convictions.
The Rabellian Government will continue good faith in kind and implement the above Sub-Clause for all Gyfladain citizens.

Section III – Finance
Clause I – Aid

Should the Rabellian economy encounter difficulty, the Gyfladain Government will send financial aid if the Gyfladain Government considers itself able to do so at that point in time.

The amendments to this document will only be effective should the leaders of both countries agree and sign the amended pact. This pact may only be amended three times and must have a recess of 150 years (2 Years in RL) before being amended again.

The leaders of Rabelliad and Gyflada agree to the above terms, and sign below. By doing this they agree to; honour the terms of this pact and keep the pact in good faith.
By signing this pact it immediately becomes effective.


Петр Малэнков
(Peter Malenkov)
Prime Minister, Rabelliad

Matthew J White
Matthew J White II
Grand Duke of Gyflada, Gyflada

Forum Administrator.
Coalition of Sovereign Nations.

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Rabelliad-Gyfladain Pact

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